Celebrating 40 years of production in 2016

Rössing Uranium started operations in 1976. According to our records, our first yellow cake was produced on 15 June 1976, and the first uranium oxide drummed on 25 June 1976. In 2016 we will celebrate our anniversary with our employees and other key stakeholders through a number of activities, and we developed a 40 year-logo that will remind us of this achievement. Below is the logo, designed by Rössing Uranium employee, Brian Tuzembeho, and the meaning of the different elements.

The Rio Tinto logo: Rio Tinto means 'red river' in Spanish and refers to a river in southwestern Spain.

The number '40' refers to our 40 years of production. We first produced yellow cake and uranium oxide in 1976. Forty years later we are the world's longest-running, open pit uranium mine and still going strong in 2016.

The local word 'Omake' was popularised by Namibia's current state president, His Excellency Hage Geingob, and means 'to give applause'. At Rössing Uranium we call all our celebrations of success OMAKE events.

The atom symbol represents the uranium mineral. The symbol was part of our previous branding elements.

The red banner below the number '40' represents our road to success over 40 years of production. The banner is in the Rio Tinto red primary colour of our current branding elements and symbolises the majority shareholding of Rio Tinto in Rössing Uranium. The banner is strategically placed under the number 40, to symbolise Rio Tinto's support over our 40 years of existence.

Our slogan 'Working for Namibia' symbolises our enormous contribution to the socioeconomic development of Namibia over Rössing Uranium's 40 years of production.