Health, Safety, Environmental and Communities (HSEC) Policy

Excellence in HSEC management is one of the foundations of Rössing Uranium's vision to be the safest and most efficient producer of uranium in the world. This is in line with our commitment to Zero Harm, corporate citizenship, social responsibility, and sustainability.

To accomplish this, Rössing Uranium Limited is committed to:

  • the protection of the health and safety of our employees, contractors, stakeholders, and neighbouring communities;
  • operating our business with respect and care for both the local and global environment to prevent and mitigate residual pollution;
  • understand and manage the effects of our product through its entire life cycle;
  • work with integrity and be in full compliance with applicable legislation and industry best practice;
  • seek continual and sustained improvement in HSEC performance to create a zero harm work environment;
  • identify and assess hazards arising from our activities and manage associated risks to the lowest practical level;
  • enhance biodiversity protection by assessing and considering ecological values and land-use aspects in investment, operational and closure activities;
  • continue in our efforts to raise the awareness of HSEC issues in our neighbouring communities;
  • regularly review our performance and publicly report our progress; and
  • communicate our commitment to this HSEC policy to all interested and affected parties.

In implementing this policy, we will engage in constructive dialogue with our employees, contractors, neighbouring communities and all other stakeholders in sharing relevant information and responsibility for meeting our requirements.