Sustainable development

Focusing on the issues that matter most

Economic viability
In order to provide the best returns on our shareholders’ investment, we need to understand the long-term demand for our product as well as the cost, resource availability and value creation associated with that demand. Economic viability also ensures that we continue to make signifcant contributions to Namibia’s economy and her people in various ways.

Our workforce is central to our business. This means ensuring a safe and healthy workplace geared for human resource development in order to attract and retain employees, while maximising our contribution to their wellbeing.

By understanding the diversity of the communities which surround us, and through continuous interaction with them, we can respond to their concerns and needs. Moreover, the communities surrounding us should realise a net beneft and a long-lasting, positive effect from our activities.

Environment and product stewardship
Environmental and asset resource stewardship
We aim to be the leader in environmental stewardship in Namibia and to maintain our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. This can be achieved by understanding and appreciating our natural resources, both biotic and abiotic, utilising them sustainably, and creating a net positive impact.

Product stewardship
This theme focuses on expanding our understanding of the impact of our product on society by working with all interested and affected parties.

Corporate governance and compliance
We strive to be transparent and proactive in all our business operations. To this end we have auditable business systems in place which form the backbone of good corporate governance.


Sustainable development is the distinctive, significant and characteristic centre of our overall approach to business.

Driving the integration of sustainable development at Rössing Uranium are the six themes highlighted above. These themes form the framework in which our business is conducted.

Everything we do is in line with the generally accepted defnition of sustainable development, namely development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

This suggests that meeting the needs of future generations depends on how well we balance social, economic and environmental needs when making decisions today.

The aim of sustainable development is therefore to seek out win–win situations that can achieve environmental quality and increase economic wealth and social wellbeing, today and tomorrow.

Our vision remains focused on:

  • creating long-lasting positive effects for the people of the Erongo Region and Namibia;
  • building capacity to ensure that we contribute to the future well-being of our employees;
  • minimising negative impacts and optimising positive ones; and
  • maintaining our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen of Namibia.

When conducting our business we ensure that we maintain a balance in the way we:

  • use our assets — both our own resources and environmental resources — to reflect our integrated approach in terms of proft, people and planet;
  • contribute positively to the needs of society by providing support to stakeholder communities without creating dependency; and
  • generate economic wealth.