2,920 tonnes

Production of uranium oxide
Production of uranium oxide for the year was 2,920 metric tonnes compared to 2,659 metric tonnes in 2022.

16.6 million tonnes

Tonnes mined and ore milled
A total of 16,683,199 metric tonnes (2022: 16,581,950 metric tonnes) were mined from the open pit, and 9,301,890 metric tonnes (2022: 8,972,925 metric tonnes) of ore were milled.

34% higher revenue

Revenue was 34% higher than in 2022, while sales volumes increased by 20% from the prior year. Total revenue amounted to N$6.48 billion compared to N$4.84 billion in 2022.

N$1,340 million profit

Profit for the year
Net profit after tax from normal operations was N$1,340 million (2022: N$840 million).

N$177,2 million dividends paid out

During the year, the company declared and paid dividends of 107 cents per share in total (2022: 30 cents per share), amounting to a value of N$177.2 million (2022: N$49.7 million).

0.36 AIFR

All-injury Frequency Rate
Confirming our commitment to zero harm, Rössing Uranium continued to improve its AIFR. The company achieved a score of 0.36 against a target of 0.46 in 2023. Although we did have one Potential Fatal Incident (“PFI”), we are fortunate to have had no fatalities, permanent disability injuries or significant process safety incidents in 2023.

N$6 million

Investment in training and development
In 2023, a total of N$6 million was invested in internal training and development programmes. This figure includes all training initiatives carried out as part of capacity development.