Our purpose statement

To be a safe, responsible and efficient producer and supplier of uranium to the global nuclear industry, creating maximum return for shareholders and benefits to stakeholders.


Our values

We take care

We create maximum value

We seek excellence

We achieve together

We comply to the systems and standards in place that supports our priority to safety, health and the environment.

We strive to eliminate hazards to achieve zero harm at all cost.

We commit to provide products and services of high quality that are safe and reliable to our customers.

We aim to deliver sustainable growth of our employees and the company together for a better future, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and governance in our actions and interactions.

We are committed to create maximum value for our shareholders through ethically sound and legally compliant business practices.

Our decisions are founded on the benefits to our communities and other key stakeholders.

We create an inclusive environment for our employees that advocates innovative ideas.

We have platforms that welcomes innovation across all levels of the organisation.

In pursuit of excellence, we aim to have world-class technologies and management systems in our operation

We closely coordinate with our internal and external stakeholders to work together effectively and ethically.

We truly respect and support each other to make the most of everyone’s contribution.

We have the courage and the commitment to do what is right and not what is the easiest to achieve win-win results.