Welcome ceremony for Rössing graduates of 2011
(31 January 2011)

A total of 13 Rössing bursary holders who successfully completed their studies in 2010 received an official welcome to the Company from the mine's senior management at a ceremony held at the old Rössing Country Club outside of Swakopmund this morning. Zebra Kasete, Rössing's General Manager, Corporate Services congratulated all new and current bursary holders at the Company and wished them all the best for 2011 on behalf of Rössing's senior management team and all employees. He added that: "Our vision is to have the right people in the right roles doing the right jobs right, the first time".

The new employees' fields of study were Electrical-, Civil-, Mechanical-, Chemical- and Mine Engineering as well as Geology, Information Technology, Accounting and Environmental Science.

Rossing Graduates

The group of graduate students, who just started their careers at Rössing Uranium Limited, pictured at the welcoming ceremony. The students are from left to right: Simon Shaninga (Mechanical Engineering); Tomas Aipanda (Mining Engineering); Nelao Udjombala (Geology); Sakaria Mateus (Information Technology); Regina Kamukwanyama (Geology);  Erikki Kamukwatange (Mechanical Engineering);  David Elago (Chemistry);  Pendapala Sheunye (Mechanical Engineering);  Martha Mwatile (Civil Engineering);  Ramona Scott (Internal Auditing);  Fred Bailey (Electrical Engineering); Nelise Nel (Chemical Engineering). Absent: Martha Neshuku - Environmental Studies


According to Kasete, Rössing has once again reaffirmed its position to further invest in its human capital with the extended lifespan of the mine to 2023 and beyond and with the number of new bursary holders increasing steadily over the years. He indicated in his address to the graduates that Rössing will spend about N$4 million on current and new bursary holders in 2011. "As you may know Rössing has, for many of the 35 years of the mine's life, been offering a bursary scheme for tertiary students to qualify in fields that relate to our current and future business operations. In 2010 Rössing spent about N$13 million on training programmes for its employees, artisans and bursary holders."

Kasete also reminded the new graduates that: "Rio Tinto Rössing's reputation stems from the shared core values which define the essence of whom we are and who we will be, namely: Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Integrity". He assured the young professionals that they are valuable assets to the Company and encouraged them to follow the lead of those who came before them.

Also speaking at the event on behalf of the graduates was Nelao Udjombala, a graduate of Rhodes University, who successfully completed her BSc Honour Degree in Geology. She thanked Rössing for making it possible for them to pursue their dreams. "Some of us would have never been able to go to university and become whatever we have become if it was not for this company's assistance and its commitment to capacity building and human resource development in this country. I do not have suitable adjectives to express our deepest profound appreciation to Rössing."

Rössing Uranium is committed to the development of graduates within the business in order to increase our pool of professional people who are appropriately qualified and have the capability to fill leadership roles in the future. Graduates will be expected to demonstrate their capability to undertake work of differing levels of complexity and to develop appropriate leadership skills and attributes. The Company has developed a Graduate Development Programme which assists graduates in their future careers and prepares them for future roles within Rössing and their lives ahead.





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