Planned industrial action at Rössing
(21 September 2011)

This morning Rössing filed a Labour Court motion seeking that the N$30 000 payment demand by the bargaining unit employees be declared as a "dispute of right" and should be determined through the court process and also that employees can, therefore, not engage in industrial action until the motion is heard.

This was done after the Company was given notice to strike by the MUN Branch Executive Committee late yesterday after a meeting that was held between management, the MUN and the Labour Commissioner appointed Conciliator to agree on the rules of engagement during a strike or lock out as provided for in the Labour Act. Yesterday's meeting resulted from failed conciliation efforts by the Labour commissioner to attempt to resolve the dispute between the Company and the MUN.

The Company has also objected to the strike rules determined by the Conciliator and it, therefore, requests the court to review these rules.

At the end of the meeting last night, the MUN Rössing Branch Executive Committee served the Company with a 48-hour notice in terms of the Labour Act that industrial action in the form of a strike will commence on Friday 23 September 2011 at 08:00 at the mine site's main gate.

In light of the planned industrial action Rössing will ensure that all employees and contractor's safety is placed first should the industrial action occur.

The Company management continues to explore all the possible avenues to ensure that this issue is resolved amicably, without the need to revert to industrial action which benefits no-one.


Issued by:

Chris Salisbury
Managing Director