Outcome of labour court case
(28 September 2011)

Rössing Uranium filed a Labour Court motion in an urgent appeal after it received a 48-hour notice to strike from the MUN Rössing Branch Executive Committee on 20 September 2011. The matter was set down for hearing on the 28 September 2011.

The Company's application was to require the court to declare the N$30 000 payment demand by the bargaining unit employees as a dispute of right.

Today, 28 September 2011, the Court has found and ruled in the Company's favour. The Company is pleased to note that the employees demand for the N$30 000 cannot permissibly form part of any lawful industrial action and a final relief order was issued to declare the current strike illegal.

In light of this development, all striking employees are required to return to work immediately. The principle of no work no pay still applies.

Once work has returned to normal, management will consider the next steps, associated with resolution of the outstanding issues of the dispute.

This outcome is applauded by Rössing as it confirms confidence and trust in the proper judicial processes for addressing labour related issues in Namibia.

Chris Salisbury
Managing Director

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