Rössing Uranium commits to build new police station in Swakopmund’s DRC
(2 July 2024)

Rössing Uranium this week tightened the grip on community safety with a commitment to construct a new police station in the informal settlement of Swakopmund. The groundbreaking ceremony of the DRC Police Station took place this week and cements the mining giant’s corporate citizenship.

As per approved plan, the police station will consist of 4 holding cells each with an exercise courtyard, an interrogation room, Dr consultation room, Visitors room, Armoury room, Records and archives room, Evidence room, 4 offices including Station Commander office and Boardroom, Ablution facilities, Secure passage for inmate drop-offs, Mess room (Dining area), Pantry, Laundry room, Staff kitchen, and Server/radio room. Located in the populous informal settlement of DRC, the police station is located on Erf 8443, Extension 31 land donated by the Swakopmund Municipality Council.

At the groundbreaking event, Rössing Uranium Managing Director Johan Coetzee highlighted why the mine took a bold stance to invest in the populous settlement.

“We believe in the importance of public safety and the invaluable service provided by the Namibian Police Force. Our decision to support this project is rooted in our commitment to giving back to the communities that continue to make Rössing what it is to date. This is not just as a financial contribution, but an investment in the safety and well-being of every individual who calls DRC and Swakopmund home,” said Coetzee.

He further continued; “We are very familiar with this society because it is the very same communities where Rössing busses pick up its employees to get to work every day. Our employees live here. It is our employees who narrate to us horrific experiences of criminals attempting to rob them while waiting for the bus, and sometimes these criminals succeed in their acts,” said the Managing Director stressing that their relationship with the Namibian Police is double embroidered in a shared vision of cementing safety in our communities.

This is not the first time Rössing invests in its’ community through the Namibian Police. In April this year, Rosing today extended a helping hand to the Namibian Police of Erongo Region, with a donation of N$750 000 to be channelled towards the servicing and upkeep of police vehicles in the towns of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Arandis.

Inspector General Joseph Shikongo remarked that society needs to hold hands and say no to crime. “Crime has affected our society. There is no economy that can prosper without security, and vice versa. Crime is committed in the society, by the society. We need to join hands as society and say no to crime. We need to change the attitude of our community because even if we build hundreds of police stations, if our attitude towards crime does not change, we will not succeed,” said Shikongo.

Shikongo further shared that the Namibia Police Force is ready to deploy men and women to all police stations to serve communities and partnerships between corporate Namibia and the Force will always enhance the safety of the Namibian communities.

Governor of the Erongo Region Neville Andre Itope applauded Rössing Uranium for the investment, saying the investment truly cements the mines mandate of Working for Namibia. “DRC informal settlement is growing, and our community members need services closer. The residents of DRC must also feel part of our society with services close to them. You are truly working for Namibia with other equally impactful projects you have across the country,” said Itope.

Remarks of the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security Albert Kawana read by the ministry’s Executive Director Etienne Maritz echoed sentiments of the governor, praising Rössing Uranium for the commendable commitment to invest in Namibia.

“Today you set an example for other corporates to follow. This building will assure safety in our communities. It will enhance our capacity to respond to emergencies. We thus call on the community not to harbour criminals, even if they are your family members. Please report criminal activities to the police,” read Maritz

The statement highlighted that the construction of the police station is an indication of what partnerships can achieve for the benefit of the masses, while highlight the alarming increase of crimes committed against women and children.


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