(28 June 2020)


We confirm that on late Saturday afternoon (27 June 2020), Rössing Uranium Limited received a letter from Metcalfe Beukes Attorneys (“MB”), stating that they are acting on behalf of the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (“MUN”), making various unfounded and unverified allegations.

We see the above allegations in a very serious light and will address this in accordance with the internal procedures and the various remedies available under the existing Procedural Agreement between the MUN and Rössing Uranium Limited, which has remained in place and valid since 1988

As reported in our most recent stakeholder report, as at December 2019, Rössing Uranium employed 1000 permanent employees, of which 98.7% were Namibian. In addition, our employees enjoy above market salaries and benefits, and our commitment to our employees was once again proven by the above inflationary increases recently concluded in the wage negotiations with the MUN.

Rössing Uranium Limited acknowledges that elected Union Leadership should fearlessly pursue the interest of the Members they represent. However, this should be no license to resort to conduct that subverts orderly collective bargaining and issuing public statements that are in contravention of the undertakings of the Procedural Agreement, in particular where such statements are made with the clear intent to deceive, mislead, incite and cause reputational harm to the name and the image of the Company and its investors.

Similarly, we do not believe it to be appropriate to comment outside of these existing available internal processes to the media.

Kindly visit www.rossing.com for more information on CNNC Rössing Uranium.


Johan Coetzee
Managing Director
Rössing Uranium Limited