Rössing Uranium sponsors four employees to compete in the Nedbank Desert Dash
(01 December 2023)

Rössing Uranium officially announced its sponsorship to four of its employees, participating in the Nedbank Desert Dash competition.

Rössing Corporate Communication Manager Daylight Ekandjo announced on Friday, 1 December that, this is the first-ever Rössing team participating in the event and will be dressed in Rössing Uranium branded cycling kits.

Ekandjo said, as an advocate for employee health and wellness, “we are proud to announce our sponsorship to four employees participating in the tough Nedbank Desert Dash cycling event slated for 08 December 2023.

She added that, the Nedbank Desert Dash stands as one of the most demanding cycling events, spanning a staggering distance of 397KM from Windhoek. Through this race, cyclists cross harsh terrains, offering them an intense test of physical and mental fortitude. “Our sponsorship reinforces the company’s ethos of prioritizing employee well-being and fostering a culture that encourages active lifestyles and personal development.

"We are proud of our team and that we could sponsor them in their pursuit of this remarkable challenge,” said Ekandjo.

The sponsored cycling kits include specialized gear tailored for the demands of the Nedbank Desert Dash, ensuring that the participants have the necessary equipment to tackle the rigorous race conditions safely and comfortably.

“Rössing Uranium recognizes the dedication, determination, and spirit exhibited by these four individuals taking on such a daunting physical challenge. We stand firmly behind them, acknowledging their commitment to personal fitness goals and embracing challenges that embody resilience and perseverance.

“The entire Rössing family is rallying behind the team, and we wish them all the best,” she concluded.

Rössing Uranium sponsors four employees to compete in the Nedbank Desert Dash, slated for 08 December 2023, from Windhoek. They are: Robert Mutenda, Dave Garrard, Hennie Lacock and Anton Roets.

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Daylight Ekandjo
Manager: Corporate Communications
Rössing Uranium Limited


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